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Hi, I am Samarjit Mahi pursuing Bsc computer science from PGDAV College(DU). I am basically a tech-enthusiast, who is always ready to explore new opportunities and technologies. Finding a logical solution to a problem excites me the most. I enjoy working with a group of people to make a piece of code into an effective action.I am a proactive learner and a passionate guy with ambition to do something unique which will help the society and make the world a more sustainable place. I am an ever-optimistic person, passionate about the field of Computer Science and love to help those who want to excel in the same.

I am a community guy. spending my weekends in attending meetups regarding technology. I am a problem solver with a passion for sharing whatever I learn.


My target is to train many students across India in each domain ranging from Mobile to Web and Cloud to ML.


Looking the things in a broader way and making them simple by implementing the required techniques is what i do.


i am passionate about learning new skill and put those skills to innovate something for the society.

Small groups of people can have a really huge impact.

- Larry Page -

My Projects


Action on Google

creating a digital resume using dialogflow. it will tell us about the skills,qualification,contact etc for a student.

Web Development

creating portfolio website using html,css and javascript. and buid a website hplumbers.com using wordpress.

creating comic super hero search engine using marvel api. i have also buid snake game using javascript.



Join Us To Work With Creativity

Creativity is the inventiveness of imagination or original ideas to create something new. If u want to develop your creativness and need help than you can contact us.



Bounce into brainstorming, break out of solitude.

We are always open to facilitate you. Brainstorming is a method for generating ideas to solve a problem. It usually involves a group, under the direction of facilitators.



Get Mentorship, Get Adviced.

Our mission is to focus on supporting the growth and development of the students. We are always ready to assist you. Come & join us to get mentor support.



Collaborate and Work Together.

Collaboration happens when people have common goals or thoughts to achieve. Find your project partner in our workshops. So you can work along with the people of same interest.


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